HR Consultancy

Crescent Consulting has a number of complementary services for employers across recruitment and HR Consultancy.


The objectives of our HR Consultancy are to help you attract and keep the right staff for your business, make managing your staff less time consuming and easier, help you avoid costly mistakes, increase the performance and productivity of your people and therefore of your company. Why – so you can grow, increase, produce and create! We have experience in implementing HR initiatives in the real world and the change management training and experience to ensure the implementation of any service provided, for any size organisation.


The HR consultancy services we provide spans the full employment life cycle;

    1. How to get started
    2. Finding the right people
    3. Getting your people started
    4. Keeping the team working
    5. Learning and development
    6. Retaining & motivating your team
    7. Leadership  skills
    8. Ending Employment

1. How to get started

Inconsistencies between what you say and what you do, impact people’s motivation, performance and retention, affecting your costs, profitability and your brand. An HR strategy helps to bring together your stated brand, the work environment and how you develop and support your people. We can show you what it looks like, the options, how to develop a strategy and put it into practice.

Employment agreements, H&S culture, Job Analysis and sizing, Descriptions & People specifications are other areas that need attention from the beginning – and which need maintenance over time.

2. Finding the right people

Getting a great match of ‘person to role’ can positively impact the whole team’s performance. Getting it wrong affects everything. We can help you to design the right process for your firm, or do it all for you. We have experience in recruiting (finding) and selecting (picking the right talent) both domestically and internationally. We can help you with interviewing techniques, psychometric and team profiling tools, in-tray exercises and assessment centres. We also have lots of experience bringing people in from abroad, immigration, relocation and integration tools to help settle someone successfully.

3. Getting your people started

Having spent all this time and effort getting the right person into the right job – you want them up to speed as fast as possible. We can assist you to prepare an orientation programme to make sure that everything is covered. The job, expectations, H&S and other key policies and standard practices all need to be included. You want a program that ensures consistency, and that gives people accountability from the get go, because they know what to do and why.

4. Keeping the team working

Designing performance management systems is highly topical. We offer consultancy on this critical dimension to help you design a system that is contemporary and useful, one that will identify non-performance but also performance excellence.
We can also assist with team development and effectiveness and communication within the firm to ensure people are motivated and informed and involved.
Core leadership skills around reporting, time management, delegation and remuneration practices and tools are also provided as needed.

5. Learning and Development

Learning and Development are also well understood and we can teach you about training and development planning.

6. Retaining & Motivating your team

Knowing what you want from an employee and what they will want from their work place is key to designing the retention and motivation approaches needed in your firm. We can help with diagnostics, including engagement surveys, career planning, succession and if things don’t go well, conflict management.

7. Leadership skills

Taking the time to reflect on your own development – learning to lead is critical. We can help with leadership skills development and coaching, communication skills and learning how to better understand and manage people.

8. Ending Employment

There are many ways that people can leave their employment with you. The most common situations are: During a probationary period, resignation, end of a fixed-term agreement, abandonment, frustration of contract, dismissal, redundancy or through the sale of part of your business to another (some form of merger & acquisition). We have experience and tools to assist you through all these situations pragmatically but also so that dignity and brand are maintained for all.



Service Options

We offer a range of HR consultancy services and we also are very flexible about how we can deliver those to you – recognising that every client will be at a different level of HR maturity and budget.

Interview Guidance and Internal Staff Training 

Assisting your Hiring Managers with structured interview training and techniques.

One-off Engagements
Senior HR Support by the hour – whether it’s something special like senior selection, change management, disciplinary matters or something more routine and less complex paying by the hour can be the most flexible option to fit with your project.

Retained Engagements
We can work with you to estimate your likely annual need and it may be that a simple retainer of between 10-20 hours per annum would be sufficient for access to your own (on-call) consultant.

Embedded Engagements
For larger projects or teams we can apply a residential approach so that a consultant is on site to address project activities and to provide HR support to staff and managers on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

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