Ashvin – Senior Quantity Surveyor

I migrated to Christchurch, New Zealand in April 2017 after working in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE) for approximately 16 years as a Sr. QS in commercial constructions and high rise buildings. Subsequently, upon arrival in NZ, I worked for a year on Insurance Claims related to Earthquakes. However, when I tried to get into commercial construction, I found that it wasn’t easy considering my lack of local experience. I came across Claire French when she was reviewing my application for a prospective job. She called me for a meeting and conducted a detailed interview and I was happy that she considered my experience relevant to the Construction Industry here.
I found Claire to be unlike other recruiters who just skim over a CV without giving due consideration to the candidates’ qualification, experience and being too rigid in their requirements rather than considering their skills and experience which are transferable and relevant. Claire was always approachable, give an appropriate feedback and remained in touched constantly without giving up despite a few of my applications through her running into rejections.
Her persistent efforts resulted in finding me a great organization who value my experience, capabilities and were willing to give me an opportunity to work with them. I’m doing extremely well in my present employment & can’t thank Cresent Consulting and particularly, Claire French, for their efforts.
I am sure that they would have many such success stories.