Diego – Game/Software Developer

What was the biggest challenge in going through the immigration process and deciding to immigrate to NZ?

In my case I came to New Zealand without a job offer. My wife and I decided to seek an opportunity in this beautiful country, so we had to start our lives in New Zealand as students, we were studying English during three months, those three months were the most difficult time for us in New Zealand, because we didn’t understand anything people say. The biggest challenge for me was dealing with the fear about “what would happen in this adventure?” Some questions like what would happen if I couldn´t find a Job? What would happen if the life cost is more expensive than I expected? What if something went wrong?
Leave all that you know from your culture and start life in a new culture is also difficult, however it is really interested learning a new culture and being part of this.

What was your expectation of New Zealand / Christchurch and how did that compare with what you found here when you arrived?

I expected Christchurch was like Auckland, a city with busy people everywhere. However, when I arrive at Christchurch I found a city with people who Say “Hello”, “Good morning!”, I found Beautiful botanic gardens and a great Restart mall where people meet to have the lunch, something different from Auckland.

What is your overall impression of New Zealand people and the work place, social life, cost of living, accommodation and anything else you would like to mention?
My first impression about cost living was that It was so expensive, the cost living is three times than in México, so when you are arriving and you are not adding to the economy having a job It could be so hard at first. I think the most important part is start working in order to get income.

In New Zealand it is easy to find accommodation, when I arrived to Auckland I already had a flat which I got through internet from México, and when I arrived to Christchurch It just take me some days to get an apartment for rent. So there are many options.

Work life in New Zealand is really different than in my country, people seems to be more relaxed and workday hours are less than in México, so now I feel a better balance between my professional and personal life.

Some other things are different, such as time that stores and restaurants close in New Zealand the city get empty too early, in my country 1 am is  fine for go out looking for “tacos”. At the same time all this things make this experience an interesting adventure, is really important to me know and be part of this culture.

What was your experience with dealing with recruitment agencies during the process?
In my case,  recruitment agencies were my best ally, recruitment agencies let you know what employment market in NZ is looking for and recruitment agencies are your contact with the companies and they could be the key that opens a great opportunity to develop your career in this country.

What is your work environment like and how does that compare with your work environment in your own country?

In my little experience working in New Zealand I could say that in New Zealand bosses are more confident about his employees, bosses are not always supervising the employees work, they are just focusing in the results, which makes me feel more free in my performance into the office and at the same time more committed to achieving the goals .

What are you missing most about being away from home?
I miss food from México especially Street food like Tacos, however I like Street food in New Zealand, in spite of be so far from my country I feel at home, because I’m here and where I’m at home.

What are you happiest about since you arrived in Christchurch?

I love trees and flowers in Christchurch, I love the Avondale river and the feel of safety, I’m happy when people say “hello” and I really love my job, I’m happy to live here, in Christchurch.