Wendy – Test Analyst

What was the biggest challenge in going through the immigration process and deciding to immigrate to NZ?

The biggest challenge in going through the immigration process is English communication, as I have got several years work experiences before arriving here, it is not hard to start work and get work done, but I need to present my foreign work ability to employer in English. It is fortunate that I didn’t give up practicing my English and looking for job opportunities, so at last with your help I got a job.
Immigrating to NZ is not a big decision, for I did move from city to city to find an ideal position and live in a city which is far away home. Except the visa application process, it is just like work in a different city and I will get used to it in no time.

What was your expectation of New Zealand / Christchurch and how did that compare with what you found here when you arrived?

My expectation is to experience, to feel the culture and style here. I get what I want after arriving here.

What is your overall impression of New Zealand people and the work place, social life, cost of living, accommodation and anything else you would like to mention?

People here are friendly and hospitable.
I haven’t got any social life so far in Christchurch.
Cost of living here is higher, but in compare with the salary here, it is lower.
Accommodation cost is twice or more, but it is indeed better.
The gardens here are beautiful in any way. We can’t often see gardens in China, but here gardens can be seen everywhere and houses are also delicate and different from each other.

What was your experience with dealing with recruitment agencies during the process?

Recruitment agencies here is more professional, you do filter candidates for employers, you are also efficient and very helpful for me to merge into the team.

What is your work environment like and how does that compare with your work environment in your own country?

The work environments are similar between them. My current office is special because it is changed from the ward. I like the scenery outside the office window here, green mountains lay far away tier by tier.

What are you missing most about being away from home?

I really miss the convenient life and the various foods in China.

What are you happiest about since you arrived in Christchurch?

I am happiest about that I’ve got a job and am working here. It is warm, sometimes hot rather than cold, though it is windy and dry.