Author: Andrew

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One of the most rewarding aspects of recruitment is when we get to make the call to a candidate and tell them they have been successful.
At our recent team catch up we identified our recent highlights so far this year and it was great to hear that since the start of 2021 we have been able to assist six recent graduates into their first jobs.

With all the uncertainty globally it was encouraging that we have been able to connect a number of great graduates into the workforce and help launch their careers within some great organisations.

Some feedback from one of the recent graduates we placed in their first role:

“I am so appreciative of how easy and fast you helped to make the process so thank you.
As a recent graduate I didn’t have a vast amount of knowledge and experience around the corporate employment process and what this would entail.

Many graduates speak about the trouble they have securing work specifically related to their degrees and this can be extremely daunting. I was so grateful to receive the fast and informative correspondence from Crescent Consulting as it made the entire journey enjoyable and smooth.

It meant such a great deal to have the support and guidance from Crescent Consulting as I navigated interviews. Securing my first role in my chosen career path was an exciting and stress free experience for me and this would not have been possible without the assistance of Crescent Consulting. It was exciting and fulfilling to feel like the hard work studying has paid off and I am now able to transfer everything I’ve learnt at University into a real world scenario. “