Coming Home – Christchurch Today

Author: Bella

Categorised as: General

Moving back to Christchurch was not my plan from the beginning, going overseas with a one way ticket to Europe was it! I was going to stay there for a long time and immerse myself in the world of new culture, work and a new life in a place quite foreign to me. My job and lifestyle were set up even before I got over there, I was excited to get started.

Living in Europe brought so many thoughts into my head about Christchurch and how it could be improved after the earthquake. When living in European cities and enjoying the outdoors and festivities I always thought ‘wow’ this place has the best way of life, they know how to enjoy life from all angles. Coming back to Christchurch almost 2 years after I had left, I realized not only how much I missed living here but also how much it has actually improved, not so much  physically but definitely within the communities.

When thinking about what I like about coming back here, I realized that Christchurch always has a safety, a security about it. Nothing changes so dramatically here, only in small steps, which in some ways is for the best. Since coming back to Christchurch I have noticed so many changes in communities, things that have never really happened before: almost every weekend there is an event, a festival or a farmers market to meet friends, eat food from the many food trucks that make their way around the city every week. Pop-up shops opening up behind every corner along with the eye-catching street-art and exhibits dotted around the emptied building sights deters the thought of demolition and destruction, which makes me feel like a tourist in my own city.

The great thing about Christchurch is that you can have four seasons in one day, you can utilize them with a day of sport; surfing or swimming in the morning and then go straight up to the mountain in the afternoon for a spot of snowboarding, stopping on the way at a vineyard for some world renowned wine. This can rarely be done in other cities around the globe. There is truly something for everyone in the family to do and enjoy here!