Contractor Versus Covid 19

Author: Bella

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During the recent Covid 19 lockdown period in New Zealand, many of our clients have used this time wisely to reflect on their current business models and review what their future looks like. For some it is dictated from head offices offshore – for others they may have more agility to make changes swiftly, reacting to local market signals and others maybe hoping for some divine intervention and crystal ball gazing.

It’s no secret a worldwide pandemic such as Covid 19 has taken everyone by surprise. I mean who would have thought something as surreal as this would hit us in NZ? – This kind of thing only happens in movies right?

I was chatting to a client last week, about how they managed their work at home roll out and I was surprised to hear that for a large corporate organisation, they thought they were very well prepared but when it came to it, really they could have done it better, much better. In fact – this has now created an opportunity for them to reflect and review their processes, making changes now that they have “lived” the experience. Returning to BAU, they will be focused on others things and so they will look to pull in an experienced contract project administrator to run and manage this process. Hindsight is a beautiful thing!

So – Never before has there been a better time to look at preparing your business for the future. But with your focus being on getting the business back to “normal” and focusing on building your client confidence along with your balance sheet – How can you divide your time?

Crescent partner with a huge cross section of business across NZ and provide fixed term, casual and contract employees with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries. With our clients already talking about tapping into our contractor expertise and many organisations already budgeting for the new financial year projects – we are stepping up our energies to prepare for the level 2 engagement. Whether this be remote support or on site – each is determined by the project type.

Our contract and temporary staff support clients with special projects, offering their expertise to assist with peak workloads – providing knowledge and expertise across a huge variety of industries and sectors on an as and when needed basis. Our payroll and admin team manages the payroll administration, whilst our consultants manage and administer the client site relationships, employment contracts, employee welfare and performance and the administration that causes extra burden on business already under pressure to return to BAU.

The benefits to anyone thinking of hiring contract or temporary staff are immense in the current unsettled business environment. Providing flexibility to turn the tap on and off according to cash flow, having staff that are dedicated to the project without diluting their focus, means getting tasks done, paying for a concentrated effort with no ongoing commitments required. Effectively temporary staff are Ninjas that come in and get the job done well.

The current market place means we are fielding enquiries now from applicants with a huge diverse skill set – available to take on your projects. Whether its IT, Financial, Administration, Project Management, Manufacturing, Engineering. Whatever your need lets chat about how we can help out – after all we’re all in this together.


Article by Roz Grant – Senior Consultant