Do you need a wingman or woman in your job search?

Author: Andrew

Categorised as: Market Info


Having enjoyed watching the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” I am left with the realisation that to truly be great and reach our goals we all need a Scottie Pippen (aka wingman or woman).

This begs the question, do you need a wingman or woman in your job search? This may be even more important in the current environment as candidates are forced to pivot and adapt their careers to the new operating environment.

You don’t have to be chasing the same goal just someone who is invested in you reaching yours, if they know you well, they can give some honest feedback on your strengths and areas where you can develop further. This can be someone to keep an eye out for opportunities on your behalf, smooth the roadbumps and share successes with.

If you are not the worlds most confident networker this can be someone to attend events and give you the confidence to put yourself out there.

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