Is this the Right Workplace for Me?

Author: Andrew

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We often hear about how great a company’s workplace culture is or isn’t, while one person may enjoy a particular organisation another may have a completely different view. As the workforce gets younger companies need to ensure they meet the needs of their workforce. Over and above the regular pay check, 40 hours of regular challenging work and the potential to progress Millennials also want a job to provide purpose, social connections and a high level of engagement. Workplace culture is now a business issue and with the rise of technology, there is nowhere to hide.


Corporate culture is a complicated and ever evolving beast, it can include the history and tradition within an organisation and the unwritten rules that define how things get done. Don’t confuse culture with an employer’s brand, this is the image that the company upholds in order to attract and retain its customers or the aspirational culture which is the one the company wishes it had.


How do you make the judgement call on a company’s culture?

Don’t be scared to ask about culture in the interview…



How would they describe the company’s culture?

Would they change anything?

Ask to meet your potential colleagues?

Check out online review sites like Glassdoor? (But remember you can’t trust everything you read)




Look through your professional or social networks and you may find someone who is currently working there or recently left, they may be able to provide you with insights.


Remember to do your research and due diligence, if you see a big gap between how an employer describes the culture and your research then ask a few more questions before making a final decision.