Is your personal brand part of your employee exit/ self-preservation strategy.

Author: Bella

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With change being the only constant in business life, is it important for an employee to build an exit strategy? Gone are the days of working for one employer in one role for your entire career, technology is creating new careers and spelling the end of others.

Is the first step to build a successful personal brand that represents your personality, skills, experience and values?

As with all brands it is important that you remember that your brand is essentially someone else’s perception of you. Building a strong personal brand takes time and will essentially be your exit strategy because your brand will act as a magnet that will attract people and opportunities to you.

As with all brands it is important to remember the basics

  • Define yourself, what sets you apart from others
  • Know your target market
  • Show a consistent passion for what you do
  • Ensure you can be found

It is your personal brand that will set you apart from others and define how the market views you professionally.

A strong personal brand is valuable for those looking to transition into a new career or role as your profile and networks will prevent you from starting from scratch. In an ever changing market place a strong personal brand will set you apart from others in what is a crowded and competitive market and ensure your voice is heard.