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Author: Bella

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Crescent’s social network


Over the past few weeks we have had a number of discussions with senior IT professionals, there seems to be a few common themes throughout those conversations. The key theme is their ability to access skilled individuals to allow them to quickly bring product to market. To achieve this they need the ability to access a pool of IT contractors.

This lead us at Crescent to develop our community for IT Professionals on LinkedIn, our goal is to create and community of IT contractors throughout New Zealand and abroad. We aim to provide members with a platform to share experiences and information to assist each other to advance and develop their careers.

We are partnering with advisors who can provide our community by providing information that will help contractors run their businesses but most importantly we will help you find your next contract or assignment by ensuring that our network are the first to hear about opportunities throughout New Zealand.

We would like you to join us so we can start adding value to your career. We hope that you will network with each other not only online but also the old fashioned way so let’s organise an opportunity for IT contracts to get together and help each other but most importantly ensure you are all successful in building your career and businesses.

So have a look on LinkedIn and join us, it’s a closed group so your information is kept private and anything you post is kept within the group.