What makes me smile….

Author: Heidi

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What makes me smile….

With all the doom and gloom of the moment I realized it is important to remember the amazing things we are discovering on our journey through this lock down tunnel…and what enriches us because of this.

Every day when I walk my dogs I discover so many things that make me smile…

The chalk drawings on the footpaths…where were these artistic kids before? Tired from school and sitting in front of devices that mesmerized them, or were they running from one arranged activity to the next one?

Now they just do what kids are supposed to do: make they own fun activities and how innovative and creative they are!!

The ‘teddy bear hunt’ around the various houses where owners of all ages went through the trouble of locating some old teddies in the attic and putting them in the window or car. Wonderful to see how many actually care to provide some fun for kids on the ‘hunt’.

What makes me smile are the many families who are out and about in their neighborhood as a team, walking or cycling…a rare sight to see both parents with their kids, usually it is one of them who has to work and miss out…while the other stressed over after school activities or homework.

What makes me smile are the many families who do house maintenance as a team, I see kids painting fences with their parents and everyone is having great fun while people walking past stop and chat – from a safe distance.

It makes me smile how I see fathers being given a ‘number one’ haircut by their kids, just because there is no need to look professional for the foreseeable and because ‘who cares?’ we are having fun! I know a few fathers who have given their kids mullet haircuts in return.

What also makes me smile is how compliant people are when it makes sense…no obvious rebels who object and are difficult…is it accepted that we are all doing our bit from keeping the distance, to putting our dogs on the lead at all times, shopping alone and standing patiently in line…a rare situation in any place and look, it can be done!

It makes me smile to see people volunteer to go shopping for the elderly or for the people who are unable to get out and about…we have time, we have compassion, we give back.

It makes me smile that parents have their adult children returning home to be in lockdown with them…nice to know they always come home when they need their comfort and some love.

It makes me smile when I think that I can spend every day, morning to night, with my beautiful 7 month old granddaughter Maisie and that is precious time I would have never had without Covid19 so thank you very much!

It makes me smile how my 91 year old mother (who has gone through World War II and the Christchurch earthquake) is already planning her 92nd birthday party…that’s optimistic and refreshingly positive…

I know the current situation is bad and hurting a lot of people and we don’t know where it all ends but I have decided to live in the moment and enjoy the great things given to us, because we cannot change what is happening but make the best of it and make memories!!!