We are not your average recruitment
order takers who put people into jobs…

We are a business partner with consultants who have been working in the disciplines they are recruiting for and who have many years’ experience in the global and local industries. They are seasoned professionals who will want to know what the issues are that concern you as an individual, your organization or your career.

For Employers

We work in partnership with our clients developing strategies to attract and recruit the best talent because sometimes you only get one shot.

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For Job Seekers

Having worked at senior levels within their chosen fields the team at Crescent is able to offer candidates unique industry insights that will assist you in your next move.

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Meet the Principals

Heidi Griffiths

Heidi has over 20 years’ experience in recruiting at all levels of the ICT and Engineering industry and has been particularly successful in matching the right people to company culture.

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Andrew O’Regan

Andrew has spent 15 years working in banking and financial markets before returning to Christchurch where he works with companies throughout New Zealand to attract and recruit talented professionals

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Recruitment Articles

November 29, 2016

Is this the Right Workplace for Me?

We often hear about how great a company’s workplace culture is or isn’t, while one person may enjoy a particular organisation another may have a completely different view. As the workforce gets younger companies need to ensure they meet the needs of their workforce. Over and above the regular pay check, 40 hours of regular…

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November 24, 2016

Too Old to Work…..

Too Old to Work?   Most of us think that older workers, lets say between 45-65, are not going to deliver the outcomes that younger workers will. This isn’t really anything new in our thinking and it’s physiologically accurate that as we age we loose physical and mental capacity.  However as someone going to turn…

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November 14, 2016

What Now… The US has Elected….

America has elected and the respect for a democratic choice requires all to accept the result.. So now the question arises, what America and the world has to expect from a President Donald J. Trump.   After the Brexit, it is a second event that falls from the norm, for which there are no patterns…

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